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Han Chinese, the arrogant unbalanced species [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Olympics Beijing 2008 helps the evilest to be eviler than before [Apr. 5th, 2008|04:25 am]
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Olympics Beijing 2008 helps the
evilest to be eviler than before

Other than the human right of freedom, I would like to talk
another evil committed by Beijing, and explain how it can be from the
worst to be worse than before.

Beijing is the evilest place in china.

Because Beijing is the uppermost in china, it is not only a city, but
more like the uppermost nation in an empire.

Beijing can ask people from any place else in china to donate, and to sacrifice to them. It can also ask people from other provinces to love it, and to
give it whatever it wants. It can rob, enslave non-Beijing natives, and
expel them out of Beijing when it doesn't need them.Although Beijing
takes so much from other area, its natives hate non-native
so much, and treat the latter hatefully, viciously, rudely, virulently,
overbearingly, and the natives can enjoy humiliating and insulting the
non-natives. Beijing natives see non-natives nothing but the
lower, slaves and the trouble-makers after having sucked
blood. It acts like a malignant tumor, which robs the nutrition from
the normal
cells but does harm to the cells that support it.

The Olympics helps Beijing to be the upper than before, and "helps"
other areas in china to be the lower than before. It helps beijing to
have more opportunities to rob non-natives more, despise them more,
discriminate them more,
and treat its "dear from-the-same-womb"(同胞) ruder.

The Olympics Game Beijing 2008 just makes the evilest to be eviler than

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From pursuit of being the upper to being the lower [Apr. 3rd, 2008|02:03 pm]
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From pursuit of being the upper
to being the lower

When han chinese are in conflict, they don't look for fairness or
justice, but look for the rank difference. Han chinese relationship is
characterized with the upper and the lower, and the upper has every
right to act freely without any duty in conflict, while the lower has
to take every duty and responsibility for anything. It makes the upper
to "enjoy a life" and the lower to live in hell. Then all of the lower
wants to release the pressure from the upper, and everybody wants to be
the upper.

So you can see

han chinese arrogantly rebuke the victim after offending,

han chinese educate the victim to be moral to tolerate the offending,

han chinese scold the victim if the latter resists,

han chinese blame the victim on "provoking",

han chinese feel so proud if they offend others,

han chinese think it proving their higher social rank to treat others
rudely, while think it proving their lower social rank if they need to
treat others politely,

han chinese get paid respect to after offending others, and get
despised after get offended,

the offender does nothing wrong.


On the other side, when the victims get offended,

they are under great han chinese morality pressure to give up resisting
the offending,

their family members or relatives oppress the victims more than the

the victim does nothing right.


The "benefit" of being the upper, and the "punishment" of being the
lower, makes han chinese to "struggle" to be the upper. They can do
everything to reach "the great life goal". Han chinese think they have
to "live the hardest life of the hard to become the upper"
"吃得苦中苦,方为人上人", and look for every reason to prove themselves the upper
whatever the fact is.


They can prove china the upper nation, though there are hundreds of
million people spend less than 1 US dollar on daily life. They can
prove han chinese the upper race comparing to the beast race of Manchu,
though they had got conquered and ruled by Manchu for hundreds of
years. Even, some of han chinese think the Manchu conquest just helped
them to expand their territory. And how do they think about the comfort
troops and the comfort women? "It is our wise tactics or great strategy
to fight against Japanese invaders!" Some of them will proudly tell
you. Or it shows "han chinese soft power". They could defeat the
invaders with their soft body in soft bed. Anyway, it proves han
chinese the upper race, and the invaders stupidly lower.

But the race of higher rank pursuer had to be the lower race for times
and for centuries.

They had to build the long fence (长城 great wall) to enclose themselves.
They didn't act like the upper.

They had to defend themselves after getting defeated again and again in
their own land for hundreds of years in Song dynasty. It cannot prove
them the upper.

They had to live under Mongolian rule for 89 years in Mongolian Yuan
Empire. Han chinese was the forth class, the lowest class, in that
empire. Despite han chinese described themselves the superior race
living in the superior land(人杰地灵), despite their great land was so
fertile, despite they outnumbered their rival so much, they had to
kneel as slaves of the "barbarian race of Mongolian", and their women
had to comfort Mongolian men for so many years.

They had to live under the Manchu rule for 267 years in Manchu Qing
Empire. Similar to Mongolian Yuan Dynasty, han chinese population was
more than 30 times of its rival Manchu, plus they had their immense
fertile "central land".  But the superior race even could not
have their hair cut freely.

They worked as comfort women and comfort troops (伪军,慰安军)for the
dog-fathered small Japanese monsters(狗日的小日本鬼子, which is one of the most famous, most popular, han chinese "patriotism" idioms).

How can a upper rank pursuer race be the lower race in international

They weaken their national power when they fight against each others to
be the upper, or when they cannot consider for each other to cooperate
to fight against the invaders. They fight against each other much more
than against the invaders.

Because they dream of the "upper life", they are psychologically weak.
Most of them cannot fight for freedom to death, but uncontrollable
kneel to violent death threat. They cannot be the upper after death, so
when the death threat comes, they'd rather take the dishonor to kneel
to keep the opportunity to be the upper one day. (留得青山上,不怕没柴烧)They have no choice between freedom and death, but the choice between to kneel to live to possibly be the upper one day and to die without the
opportunity to be the upper.

They know nothing about social fairness, or know nothing about national
honor, though they never forget to be the upper nation. They used to
offend and get offended. They don't know what dignity or honor is. When
they get invaded, they cannot be brave enough.

Han Chinese always create stress among themselves. So when they are in
conflict with other nations, the government is not as "courageous" as
they are when they oppress the lower in their society. The stress makes
the upper han chinese to worry about the rising up from inside.

Han chinese are also morally lower than most of the races in the world,
because the upper doesn't need to take the duty to be fair to the
lower. The "freedom from morality" makes all of han chinese to be more
and more immoral. (The lower class alway has the mental conflict
between accepting the restriction for them and accepting the morally
free upper class. In the end, all of them choose to be free from

Han chinese are also the lower in personality, attitude and behavior.
If you visit china, you will find a lot of confessions in their
country. The confessions (slogans) read "To be polite!" "To be
civilized!" "To cede!" "Don't fight!" "To love

Han chinese are also lower qualified. Because they don't need to find
fact and truth to seek justice to treat each other fairly,
comparatively, fact, truth, knowledge don't affect their lives as much
as the upper/lower relationship does. Such a race can only stay in poor

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Han Chinese Confession [Mar. 30th, 2008|02:04 pm]
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Han Chinese Confession, when they are in conflict



(旧的汉支那语版 http://www.blogger.com/profile/12928782453177753835 (因为那里无法再登入,那里的网页不再被更新。)
新的汉支那语版 http://weblog.xanga.com/ehanc
The Delayed Diary, http://ehcdiary.livejournal.com/569.html )

The origin of Han Chinese

What makes Han Chinese to be Han Chinese http://ehcehc.livejournal.com/657.html

From pursuit of being the upper to being the lower

Olympics Beijing 2008 helps the evilest to be eviler than before
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What makes Han Chinese to be Han Chinese? [Mar. 30th, 2008|12:48 pm]

(My ethnic identity is Han Chinese. I got puzzled so much when I tried to understand Han Chinese. But the secret of Han Chinese is actually very simple.)

Do you feel it so disgusting to seek justice when you are in the conflict with Han Chinese?

Han Chinese is so different from any race else.
What is the difference? What makes it so different?

When Han Chinese are in conflict, they show you their specific features, which are characterized with extremely abnormal, reverse, rogue, rude, unfair, dishonest, virulent, violent, no dignity, not straight, knowing little or nothing about fact, inconsistent, disintegrated, coward, shameful, humiliating, ...

If you are in conflict with them, or if you watch them more, you will find that they also have a conditional behavior system. Which shows
1. They offend you if you cannot make them to fear you. After offending you, they blame you, even rebuke you the offended. They feel that themselves are the upper and you are the lower after offending you successfully. (the upper = having all the rights without any duty, the lower = taking all the duty and responsibility without any right)
2. They blame you or rebuke you if you resist their offending.
3. They comfort you if you offend them violently to make them to fear you. Even they blame themselves or apologize to you after getting offended to avoid getting offended more.

You also can find they have a morality system, which works together with their behavior system to make any of their behavior "reasonable", "fair", even "graceful", "beautiful" or "wise".

Accordingly, I can say that the race of Han Chinese is unique in the known world.

But how can they be? Are they born to be?
My answer is NO.
There's no equality when Han Chinese are in conflict in their community. They are in the relationship between the upper and the lower since their birth. They are always under the pressure from the upper. The upper is their ruler whatever conflict they are in. And they always look for the lower the release the mental stress from the upper. They can do anything and they are never wrong when they treat others as the lower or are in the conflict with the lower. The more rudely, the more unfairly they treat the lower, they are prouder, while they don't think it wrong. They have no right/duty system for anyone. And they don't blame or praise anybody under a common right/duty system. Such relationship also affects their behavior when they are in the conflict between their will( or interest) and the natural principle, which makes you to think them so foolish when they need to take advantage of natural principle, though you can find they are so smart to fool others.
The origin of Han Chinese is so simple. And the unique race comes from so simple a cause.
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