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What makes Han Chinese to be Han Chinese? - Han Chinese, the arrogant unbalanced species [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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What makes Han Chinese to be Han Chinese? [Mar. 30th, 2008|12:48 pm]

(My ethnic identity is Han Chinese. I got puzzled so much when I tried to understand Han Chinese. But the secret of Han Chinese is actually very simple.)

Do you feel it so disgusting to seek justice when you are in the conflict with Han Chinese?

Han Chinese is so different from any race else.
What is the difference? What makes it so different?

When Han Chinese are in conflict, they show you their specific features, which are characterized with extremely abnormal, reverse, rogue, rude, unfair, dishonest, virulent, violent, no dignity, not straight, knowing little or nothing about fact, inconsistent, disintegrated, coward, shameful, humiliating, ...

If you are in conflict with them, or if you watch them more, you will find that they also have a conditional behavior system. Which shows
1. They offend you if you cannot make them to fear you. After offending you, they blame you, even rebuke you the offended. They feel that themselves are the upper and you are the lower after offending you successfully. (the upper = having all the rights without any duty, the lower = taking all the duty and responsibility without any right)
2. They blame you or rebuke you if you resist their offending.
3. They comfort you if you offend them violently to make them to fear you. Even they blame themselves or apologize to you after getting offended to avoid getting offended more.

You also can find they have a morality system, which works together with their behavior system to make any of their behavior "reasonable", "fair", even "graceful", "beautiful" or "wise".

Accordingly, I can say that the race of Han Chinese is unique in the known world.

But how can they be? Are they born to be?
My answer is NO.
There's no equality when Han Chinese are in conflict in their community. They are in the relationship between the upper and the lower since their birth. They are always under the pressure from the upper. The upper is their ruler whatever conflict they are in. And they always look for the lower the release the mental stress from the upper. They can do anything and they are never wrong when they treat others as the lower or are in the conflict with the lower. The more rudely, the more unfairly they treat the lower, they are prouder, while they don't think it wrong. They have no right/duty system for anyone. And they don't blame or praise anybody under a common right/duty system. Such relationship also affects their behavior when they are in the conflict between their will( or interest) and the natural principle, which makes you to think them so foolish when they need to take advantage of natural principle, though you can find they are so smart to fool others.
The origin of Han Chinese is so simple. And the unique race comes from so simple a cause.